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3M Entrap Mat 3100
3M Entrap Mat 3100

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Product Code : 3M Entrap Mat 3100

3M Entrap Mat 3100

Features :
3M Nomad Carpet Matting Features A Patented Dual-Fiber Design : Large, Crush-Resistant Polypropylene Fibers Scrape, Remove And Hide Loose Dirt And Small Nylon Fibers Wick Away Water. It Is Best Used As The LAst MAt In A 3M Nomad Entrance Matting System. When Used Together With 3M Nomad Scraper Matting, 3M Nomad Carpet Matting Can Capture Virtually 100% Of Tracked-In Debris And Moisture.

3M Nomad Carpet Matting :
* Continually Provides A Cleaner Floor At The Entrance And throughout The Facility
* Captures Up To 48% More Dirt Than Conventional Carpet Mats
* Helps Protect Floors From Damage Due To Tracked-In Soil Or Debris
* Reduces Time And Effort Needed To Clean And Maintaion Floors
* Helps Eliminate Dirt And Water On HArd Floors So There Is Less Chance Of Slips And Falls
* Offers Easy Clean-Up Vacuum, Ectract And Maintain As You Would Any Other Carpet

Colours : Red, Black, Brown, Grey, Green
Roll Size : 3' x 60'  /  4' x 60'

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